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1 Belgium c1890 10c green postal envelope mint

belgium 001.JPG (31596 bytes)


2 Belgium 1891 10c red postal card to England cancelled fine ANVERS cds

belgium 002.JPG (61574 bytes)


3 Belgium 1898 10c brown postal card to Germany cancelled NESSONVAUX cds with BONN cds struck on arrival.

belgium 003.JPG (63154 bytes)


4 Belgium 1903 10c red postal card  cancelled ANVERS/DEPART cds to/with PERONNE/SOMME cds also on front

belgium 004.JPG (63077 bytes)


5 Belgium 1908 10c red postal card  cancelled by a BRUXELLES/DEPART machine cancel with WOIPPY cds on front 

belgium 005.JPG (75645 bytes)


6 Belgium 1931 1f postal card cancelled OOSTENDE2/OSTENDE slogan cancel to the UK.

belgium 015.JPG (220334 bytes)


7 Belgium c1951 3.50f blue postal card mint

belgium 006.JPG (48559 bytes)


8 Belgium c1951 3f red letter card mint

belgium 007.JPG (48139 bytes)


9 Belgium 1916 picture postcard of Ostende "La Digue vers le Kursaal" used to Germany with fine FELDPOSTSTATION/403 datestamp. Both side of PC shown.

belgium 008.JPG (77695 bytes)

belgium 010.JPG (77328 bytes)


10 Belgium 1890 10c postal card cancelled BLANKENBERGHE cds to LILLE France with cds on front.

belgium 009.JPG (58475 bytes)


11 Belgium  c1890 10c + 10c reply paid postal card fine mint

belgium 011.JPG (111336 bytes)




12 Belgium  1976 VARIETY 6.50f SG2450 with broken - missing leg to "F" of FONDATION. A clear and distinct error - see the scans. A fine used stamp. belgium 013.JPG (14649 bytes)

belgium 014.JPG (15127 bytes)


13 Belgium  Booklet Stamps se-tenant pair of 2.50f + 3.50f SG1473 & 1475 good used with Antwerp machine cancel. 

belgium 012.JPG (12284 bytes)