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Great Britain Stamps

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QV 4   8 pl 92 1d red four margins constant variety "Dot outside top of right frame" MK plate 92 on small piece with Glasgow 159 cancel. SG 8

Gtreat Britain 0004.JPG (29110 bytes)

QV7  8v 1845 E Manchester to Glasgow with a fine 4 margined 1d red SG8 lettered IH from plate 55 showing variety "Guide Line Through Value".

Gtreat Britain 0051.JPG (49677 bytes)     Gtreat Britain 0052.JPG (60274 bytes)

QV8  8v 1845 E Bradford Yorks to Glasgow with fine 1d red showing the "E" Flaw in POSTAGE, unplated

Gtreat Britain 0049.JPG (61169 bytes)    Gtreat Britain 0050.JPG (67805 bytes)

QV9  8 pl 43 25 May 1844 E Edinburgh to Hamilton with fine 4 margin 1d red brown from plate 43 Lettered EH showing Guide Line through ONE PENNY. A scarce and early use of this stamp on cover cancelled by the Maltese cross.


QV10  8 pl 27 1843 EL Edinburgh to Maybole with fine 1d red brown lettered TF from plate 27 showing the "10 o'clock ray flaw" and "Guide dot in F square"   15.00
QV11  8 pl56 1846 E Stirling to Falkirk with a large margined 1d red brown lettered SH from plate 56 showing "Constant variety" "Mark above serif of H" the "E" Flaw in POSTAGE  is also clearly visible.    15.00