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Rest of the World

Brazil 1850 30r black, light shade with 4 good to large margins used SG19        0.50
Brazil 1850 30r deep black shade vertical pair good margins all round SG19 used        1.50
Brazil 1850 60r black nice 4 margin single SG20 used        0.50
Brazil 1850 60r black horizontal pair margins all round SG20 used        1.50
Brazil 1850 90r close margins single used SG21        1.00
Brazil 1850 180r very close cut single SG22 used offered a tiny % of cat value        2.00
Brazil 1854 10r blue very close cut single SG25 used        0.75
Brazil 1866 10r blue perf 13.5 good used  SG39.        6.50
Brazil 1866/68 10r to 500r used SG43/49 perf set, used with type I & II of 100r a nice set with mainly light or cds cancels.       15.00
Brazil 1866 500r orange good used SG49 cat 24.        8.00
Brazil 1876/77 10r to 500r roulette issue SG50/56 good used with mainly cds or light cancels, 500r has cds pmk. A nice lot       20.00
Brazil 1878 300r SG57 used        3.00
Brazil 1884 200r brown-rose unused with no gum type II SG75b Cat 42        8.00
Brazil Newspaper stamp 1889 10r SG N97 good used        0.25
Brazil Newspaper stamp 1889 20r SG N98 good used        0.25
Brazil Newspaper stamp 1890 50r SG N99 good used        0.60
Brazil Newspaper stamp 1890 100r SG N100 good used        0.80
Brazil Postage Due 1890 20r  SG D98 good used        0.15
Brazil Postage Due 1890 1000r on piece good used SG D104        2.50
Brazil 50r letter card mint H&G A10?        3.50
Chile  c1895 3c + 3c reply paid postal card H&G 14 used within Santiago on consecutive days with the CORREO URBANO/SANTIAGO  datestamp, unusually the year is missing on both datestamps. There is a small toned patch on the reply half, but still an interesting local post item and quite cheap at the price.    sold 
Egypt c1947 envelope sent by air to the UK with 10m & 17m King Faruk issue cancelled by a PAQUEBOT/PORT SAID datestamp Hosking  1351.        2.50
Egypt 1961 postcard of Suez Canal with 40m value cancelled by the PAQUEBOT/PORT SAID cds Hosking 1351.        1.00
Tunisia 1893 10c postal card to Switzerland cancelled by the TUNIS/REGENCE DE TUNIS datestamp with ZURICH cds struck on arrival. Fine card.        4.00